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Vegan Catlady
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raster;56463 wrote:

I would not mess around with an old ladies health in my opinion, they lived this long because there wasn’t vaccines and bad food for most of their life…


If your theory was correct, then everyone in her generation would live that long.
That has not been our experience. She has outlived most her family.

We differ considerably,raster.
If I lived in fear, her and I would not have achieved what we have.
“Messing” implies I have not done my research or that I would use my grandmother as a test-subject. Thank you.
Her doctor tested her every step of the way, and is now using her example to improve his own protocols.

My grandmother was taking SIX different meds when she came to live with me.
She was in and out of diabetic comas. She was on shots. She was on statins. She was on thyroid meds. Kidney meds. Water pills. A bunch of nonsense.

It took a decent amount of courage to take the woman that practically raised me and do research for hours on end so that I could improve her quality of life.

Her doctor couldnt believe that after I changed her diet to a HIGH CARB MOSTLY FRUIT DIET, she nolonger required shots or statins.

He took her off shots, put her on a low dose of glypizide.

He eventually decided she nolonger needed her water pills or her kidney meds.

He lowered her thyroid meds 3 different times (pretty good for a so-called broken thyroid,eh?).

He told us that her cholesterol is better than his.

AT 94, she still gets around and does her crosswords and reads her gossip mags.

She is now on ONLY the lowest dose of glypizide which we were allowed to take her off of, but sometimes she still takes it, and a thyroid pill.

But hey…..what do I know?