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Lucylu wrote: Oh Thomas, my friend… I was thinking about you that you’d gone very quiet and was hoping that was a good sign! Firstly, I’m delighted you had a welcome break from the symptoms and secondly I’m sorry for you that returned even stronger. I’m having a very tough week, as you may have read, but the main thing that I’m holding on to is that I now know 100% that this diet does work. I experienced over 2 weeks completely symptom free and a real easing before that even. For me it was a stupid decision on my part that kick started these strong reactions/ die off now but at least I know it will pass. Maaybe you caused the return by increasing the coconut oil (I’m no expert) but at least you know you can in the future get further breaks from the symptoms.

Please let us know how you get on over the next few days.

Lucy x

Thank you Lucylu for your kind thoughts and words. Yes, this too is my faith in darkness that my body actually is able to feel good. Even it is only for some hours or like some days last week. The body is in the battle towards getting healed and is not a enemy to us, like the doctors like to tell while fighting symptoms the evil body is throwing against us. No, we will prevail and go through that. Let us only forget that when we are healed to help others out of the misery.
yours Thomas