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Greetings my good friend.

I’m so very sorry that some of your symptoms have returned – but as you and Lucy have both pointed out, you’ve experienced a beautiful glance into your future which you now know will be filled with healthy and well-feeling days. What a beautiful knowing that revelation was as it will see you through the rougher times. I believe this is the way of the Universe; to show that there is indeed a real reason to, as we Americans say, “Hang in there” and continue to work towards that beautiful future.

Thomas, I would be very interested in knowing what the symptoms are which have returned so stubbornly as I’d like to analyze the situation thoroughly to see if I can shed a bit of light on the reasons behind it all.

Thank you so much for keeping us posted as we want to be aware all of the changes that our friends are going through during the treatment, both good and bad. With each report, you are helping us to help others in the future. So thank you and Lucy and all the others who are willing to share your stories.