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Able900 wrote:

My sympthoms:
Panic attack full blown involving even the mind
Panic of the body, that is a feeling of blood boiling, or running ants under the skin. Restlessness and stress in the entire body.
Palpations of the heart, with a tight feeling around it.
Pain in the stomach much like someone pressing with a thump from the inside out. Directly under the navel.
A feeling I called “poison” it feels like poison is running trough me. I feel like having a flu or see sickness or food poisoning. Strange to explain.
Brain fog, it feel like I had one or two glass of red wine.
Affected eyes, my seeing is than more blurred than usual, bad nightvision
itchy eyes, like I would have sand in my eyes.
red inflammation on the skin on spots at the body like the leg. These can be there for a year and then suddenly they disappear and move to another spot. Usually they are round in size.
Anus itching, different strengh, from little annoying to strong inflammation. In such way that the doctor thought that he saw a boiled skin which has lost the first layer of skin.
Sometime the guts release a itching and white slime, which looks like the white of the egg white in a chicken egg.
Bubbling in the stomach, gas from the stomach, diarrhoea or constipation.
Then very annoying is a feeling of having a drop of urine coming out without me wanting it. Sometimes a burning sensation while urinating.
Muscles are tighten up. It feels like walking with very heavy legs.
Easy out of breath while walking the dog. No much energy. Cold hands and sometimes feeling of I have to lay down or I fall. No sex drive at all.

Greetings, Thomas.

Quote: “Sometime the guts release a itching and white slime, which looks like the white of the egg white in a chicken egg.”

Reply: Thomas, this sounds like the reports I’ve read on how dead Candida look in human stool samples during a course of antifungals and probiotics. This leads me to believe that all the other symptoms are also coming from die-off. Even blurry vision and depression (which can lead to panic attacks) as well as your heart racing and muscle tightness are all indications of die-off toxins being processed by the body.

How much of the molybdenum are you now taking? You might try soaking in a hot tub of water for about 20 minutes Monday morning to see if that helps, if so, then this was probably die-off toxins causing all the problems. Be sure to keep the water hot as the time passes, you want to perspire as much as possible.


Hi Able,
It was and is a little different with me. I wrote you down all the symptoms I had. The entire picture before I started with the diet. All these symptoms where turning around and a around until one day culminating in that panic attack. The panic attack was clearly not coming from depression-al thoughts. But the body woke me up some weeks ago freeking out and I got afraid then. First was the body then I got worried and depressed about the state of my health going down down. The white stuff which came out of the gut was before I ever started a diet and hasn’t happened any more since one year. The symptoms I now still suffer are the ones I wrote in the second part. Mainly heaviness of muscles, light pain in the stomach, air in the stomach, a feeling that a drop of urine is coming out without me wanting it, a light dizziness. (This has improved a lot, from being drunk to very little dizziness.) Light stomach pain. Light joint paints. Light to moderate itching of the anus. Light problems with heart palpations. It has turned to a much lighter state and all in all I believe its going up, slowly.

What I wondered about is if its normal to have a couple of days or hours where one feels real good and is without symptoms, and than boom, without having changed the diet. There comes a second wave and third and …and … wave of die-off phases. Is that normal?

You ask me about the Molybdate I have this one.

and I take one capsule a day, which is 1 mg. As you told me I open the capsule and take the powder over the period of the day.