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Able900 wrote: Hello, Diane.

As far as when you should start the supplements, I’ll leave that up to you after you’ve read how to take them below, but I would at least start the Betain HCI after your next meal.

Here is how you should take the supplements that you have.

Calcium: Calcium dissolves quicker when taken with either milk lactate or vinegar. Since on a Candida diet you’re not drinking milk, the best choice would be to take one pill (always following a meal as food helps it to dissolve) with apple cider vinegar mixed in water or juice.

Vitamin A & D: These two vitamins are oil soluble, so you should take them following a meal which contains an average amount of oils or fats.

Betain HCI: There are various instructions on how to take this supplement, some of which are somewhat complicated and troublesome; I consider the instructions far too time consuming for me. The manufacturer’s instructions are to simply take one capsule after each meal.

If you’re interested in the more complicated instructions, you can read those here: These instructions emphasize knowing whether one has an acid or alkaline stomach, and therefore contain the following statement, “It is therefore unwise to jump to conclusions regarding what’s occurring in the stomach without actual testing.” However, anyone suffering from Candida can be certain that they do not have an acidic environment, otherwise, the Candida would not exist as an infestation, and a non-acidic environment simply means that the HCI supplement is needed.

The following instructions are much simpler.

Hey Able,

I had missed this post only saw it yesterday, thanks I will definitely take a look at the site.

Is it ok to take the vitamins all together that is the A, D the calcium and zinc after a meal or should it be done separately say one with bfast, one with lunch etc etc? The Calcium + zinc etc dosage is three times a day with meals. At the moment I dont have an apetite in the morning so basically I am skipping them. Oh yes also there is the probiotic too so that means 4 in all. I wonder if that will have an effect on my digestive system?

Talking about my digestive system, Able I have a big problem with constipation, its frustrating me no end. I can understand that if I havent eaten anything on one given day then I cant expect to go, however after having eaten for two days on the 3rd day I would expect some movement but nothing, NOTHING. I cannot tell you how annoying this is. I dont want to get stuck with putrified matter in my colon, so today I may have done something that is not advisable and used a glycerol suppository, ingredients 70% glycerol, gelatin and water. I bought these for extreme cases and the truth is, I have had an extreme case of constipation since I started the diet. Yesterday, I took the psyllium husk powder which is a fibre and should help but once again nothing. It is not dangerous to take the powder on a daily basis but I dont anyway. Can you tell me if there is any other way I could go on a daily basis? I was thinking of buying a natural tea which has a laxative effect without being dangerous and without my bowels getting used to it and get lazy. Apologies for all the details, I really want to solve this.

Also yesterday I had a go at eating organic bacon and waaaaaah was that bad for me, I got completely full of wind and it was really painful so bacon is a no go for me

on another note I found MSM here and I was told they are good for joint aches, are they the same MSM you are talking about and would they also help with abdominal pain and die off?

Thanks for reading

Best wishes