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Katy Gillett
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Hi guys.. I’d like to pipe in here.

Diane back pain is also associated with GERD. Is it in your upper back between your shoulder blades?

I’ve suffered from GERD a lot in the past and have felt the pain you are describing because of it. In reference to the back pain, it helps to lie flat on your back (unless you have just eaten because lying down straight after eating makes it worse).

I’m wondering if perhaps you’re not just going through a bad die-off reaction but I’m no expert on this as I am often wondering whether my aches and pains are die-off or candida explosion ha! I guess the only way to really know is if you’re doing the diet 100% and know about all your food intolerances.

Diane I did a 4 day rotation diet for a while so I wasn’t consuming any foods on a regular basis. This way you won’t acquire an intolerance to them and it becomes more obvious which foods are your problem foods. In cases such as the yoghurt or kefir you might not want to rotate them as they are pretty beneficial. But if you’re taking a good probiotic supplement then you might want to think about it. There’s no need to rotate the regular veggies though. Able please correct me if I’m wrong in giving this advice!

Also, I know exactly how you feel and I think many other people out there do too. Don’t give up and you’ve come to the right place!