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I’m really sorry I didn’t see this earlier today, I know it’s really late there now, but I was away all afternoon and never had a chance to look at the forum.  Please dont worry Able, I really dont expect you to answer right away, I am happy when you do! 

It’s interesting that you ate garam masala with your meal, the reason I found that interesting is because of its anti-inflammatory properties which of course are good for any type of pain, even indigestion.  What do you mean, since I had the garam masala,  I should have not had any pain?

By the way, the pain you described doesn’t sound like a die-off symptom. 

Were you able to purchase the Betaine HCL (Hydrochloride)? If not, when you can get it this will help with all sorts of indigestion, especially if you’re using the grape bitters as well. If you look for the HCL, look for this name “Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) With Pepsin.” Yes, i have been taking them diligently every day! Does that help, if so why do I still get indigestion? The ones I take are Betaine HCI ( not HCL but HCI whats the difference?)with 150mg of Pepsin.

How was the chicken with coconut flour breading? Well it was a complete disaster, the batter just fell right off which is just as well cause it was far too rich to begin with!  I used the wrong frying pan so the chicken was not cooking properly so I had to keep adding coconut oil, absolutely too fatty!  Generally speaking I dont like deep frying however with legs one must deep fry otherwise we run the risk of having uncooked chicken! Mine was very well cooked!  

Hope you’re feeling better by Friday.  Yes, I am feeling better, although, I am rather confused as to what I should eat now, quantities and combinations!  
Should i just have an omelet in the morning without the bread?
Could I snack on a piece of bread later on in the morning?
I am really lost now. I will figure it out! I hope it was indigestion, I didnt know indigestion could hurt rib cage and move from left to right. I hope it was not candida!

Since I used the same post, I seem to have confused you!  I did not eat omelet and chicken on the same day.  
Following is the food I ate  two days ago i.e Wednesday

Morning 2 slices of bread
Boiled egg
One tiny piece of sardine
Organic goat yogurt

Midday: bio kefir 2 slices of bread with some canned white tuna, the good type that is

19.30 red onion, egg plant, zucchini with garam masala, curry, turmeric, garlic and coconut milk
Chicken drum sticks, 2 of them rolled in batter, made of coconut flour eggs and some salt pepper and some spices
Salad with tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds, onions, tomatoes and garlic, lemon and olive oil vinegaraitte!

Following is the food I ate yesterday:

Morning 2 slices of coconut bread, 2 small slices of the tuna + 2 tomatoes

Midday bio kefir

2pm: zucchini soup from restaurant no additives
            Salad with egg plant and tuna (unfortunately it had some vinegar but I noticed too late, it was so little I was not sure) however I hardly think that candida is likely to explode or would it have fed it?

Evening: omelet with onions and ginger, slice of bread and salad!

Also very shortly afterwards, I had this sort of quiet shake, not trembling or anything like that but a kind of shake, uneasiness! 

Ok I understand that I have been eating too much protein but what am I supposed to eat in the morning? I was having the coconut bread for bfast!
What should I have for bfast?

The thing that worried me was the pains felt like my old symptoms especially the pains i described which started on the right and then moved to the left! 

I am also getting several dizzy spells, is that candida or die off?
I am taking 15 drops oil of oregano per day!
2 garlic pills per day
36 billion probiotics per day
250 grams bio kefir per day

One anothet thing, I am panicking, my probiotics are nearly finished and I dont go home till next wednesday should I reduce intake and spread them over the last few days rather than having high doses and not having any at all on other days?