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I already have and I did so concurrently with the day when My partner and I had the celebration dinner and during that meal I had the bread, I like to call it the flat bread, it resembles pita bread. I dont know the name of it. I also had meat balls which were not organic and had bread and cheese in them. I am definitely having a reaction to something because my joints are hurting once again and the stiffness is slowly creeping back. Unfortunately yesterday we went to a city which was 1 and 1/2 hours away from here thinking we would find a biological restaurant but he was closed, i was hungry and ended up eating non organic meat once again. I think that this was too much, now I dont know what to do. Should I do the cleanse again or should I jusT resume my diet and increase the antifungals.

The irony of it all is that before I ate the meat yesterday, I think I was having die off, getting dizzy spells, slight headaches, a silent shake if you know what I mean. Needless to say that I am really angry and disappointed in myself, moreover I am afraid that I might have to start all over again. Although, I seriuosly cannot see myself doing that all over again. Besides my symtpoms are not very heavy, they are kind of a friendly reminder that the beast is still around. To be completely truthful Able, I am frustrated at the lack of organic restaurants in this beautiful but in a way poor side of Italy. Inwas so looking forward to having a healthy meal and not having to prepare it myself + I am running out of ideas, i havd chicken coming out of my ears!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!