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Wow, no doubt that was a reaction to the rutabaga (if I remember correctly). You definitely got rid of a lot of Candida during those 36 hours. Did you ever feel like you might pass out? This sometimes happens when large amounts of the toxins are released quickly.

Yes the day before I ate half a rutabaga! No, not really, what I do remember feeling is very very weak, not even the energy to lift my arm!
The need to sleep and nothing else! Unfortunately, I only came across the swedish turnip once, I hope to do so more often. Its very close to a potatoe!



P.s restaurant in PERUGIA was closed for summer vacation, it was pouring down, my dog got absolutely soaked so we decided to come home, when I came home I realised that another restaurant that I had on my list was right under our noses! Not such a great day today. Now its thundering, great fun 🙂 yipee 🙂