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Hello, Diane.

I’m glad that you found the posts by Hope and myself helpful. I looked at your other posts, and it seems you’ve only been on the cleanse for four or five days, but from your information, it sounds like you’re on the road to a Candida cure. Good for you, Diane.

I’ve answered your questions below according to my experience and knowledge.

1. You talked about Stevia and Truvia, is it Truvia first or just Truvia?

The reason that I typed both brands is because I use Truvia with no problems, but I know that most people on the diet use pure Stevia extract. I would say to start with whichever one you come across first. If you have no problems with it, then just stick with it, but if you think you’ve experienced some Candida reactions to it, then you could try the other one. In addition to this, you may prefer the taste of one over the other.

2. When you talked about the garlic bulb, did you mean the whole thing, or a clove?

From the research I’ve seen, I’d say whichever you can stand. If a bulb is too much, then a clove or two certainly won’t hurt. If you have a problem eating pure garlic, a lot of people have success with garlic pills. By the way, if you decide to eat the pure garlic bulb or cloves, “Please” be careful and start very, very slowly, you certainly don’t want to eat an entire bulb or a handful of cloves the very first day. Of course, you’ll want to start slow and build up to a higher dose with any antifungal you decide to take.

3. I asked this question to Hope too, can you recommend a garlic pill? (if it is a whole thing, as much as I adore garlic, I don’t think that I am going to manage a bulb)

The brand I’ve been using is “Arizona Natural Allirich Odorless Garlic Pills.” But I’m sure there are brands that are just as good if not more so. As I stated before, just be sure you buy one with the word ‘allicin’ or ‘allicin rich’ on the container.

4. Can i take yogurt and kefir when I am still on the cleanse?

I can only tell you what I would do if I were going to do a cleanse before starting the diet; I think it’s possible that the cleanse alone may produce some Candida die-off symptoms, and since kefir contains some pretty strong probiotics, it can also cause die-off symptoms. With that being a possibility, I would wait until I had finished the cleanse, then afterwards start the diet, and once I had decided to start adding the antifungals, I would then think about the kefir and yogurt. But that’s just me.

5. Are the probiotics from NowFoods good ones?(they have probiotics that can be put in the refrigerator)

“Now” is supposed to be a good brand. If you purchase this brand, I’d look for the Probiotic-10™ 50 Billion – 50 Vcaps or at least something close to it. According to the information, that one contains ten strains of beneficial bacteria.
I started out with a lower amount than what I’ve been taking for the last few months, but after a while on the lower amount, I searched for one that contained the largest amount I could find with the most strains, which was 80 billion count and 14 strains, but especially starting out, I’m sure the lesser amount would be easier to tolerate. Remember that a good probiotic can cause die-off, and you don’t want to start an entire list of antifungals and products that can cause die-off.

6. Should I take the digestive grape seed once a day?

You should take the digestive grape bitters either a half hour or so before a heavy meal, or immediately afterwards. You can take it two or three times a day providing your meals are more than just a snack.

Diane, this is real important; be sure that you purchase “Digestive Grape Bitters” and not grape seed extract. Grape bitters contain over ten different bitter herbs, and only one of these even hints at grapes, that’s the Oregon grape root that’s in the bitters.

I hope you have a great success on the cleanse. Let us know when you’re about to start the diet.