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satine198 wrote: My candida rears it’s ugly head as a soreness in my gums and throat, and has a horrible taste in my gums and radiating from my esophagus and probably further. I also have been very foggy and have a feeling of highness every once in a while … I’ve been on a grain, dairy, sugar, starch, nightshade and ferment free diet for a week now. I have been drinking plenty of lemon, water, taking Jarrow probiotics in the morning and night, and 2 tabs of garlic three times a day. Im wary to take a multivitamin as I have read many contain candida friendly ingredients (like b?) Ive been trying to work out for 30 minutes a day even though I am sooooo tired and hungry. What is a good multi, and am I doing enough? I havent experienced any die off symptoms… this a good thing? I dont typically have any diet restrictions….when will, if ever, will I be able to eat normal again? I am such a foodie, and although I have been getting very creative (I will be posting my recipes) I can’t wait to stop being paleolithic!

Hello, Angie. Welcome to the Candida Diet forum.

A few things; I don’t know what toothpaste you’re using, but that’s one of the first things you probably need to stop. More than likely it contains a sugar alcohol that is feeding the Candida. If you want to, you could try and find a natural toothpaste that contains no sugar alcohols or other chemicals, or you can make your own safe toothpaste from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. The instructions call for a natural sweetener as well as peppermint oil, however, neither of these are necessary.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to take a multi-vitamin. Read the post that I have on July 8 about vitamin supplements.

What count (billions) and how many strains does the Jarrow probiotic contain?

In your post you typed, “I’m wary to take a multivitamin as I have read many contain candida friendly ingredients (like b?)…” Are you referring to B vitamins in the probiotic as being Candida friendly?

As far as when you’ll be able to eat normally again, that will depend mostly on you, therefore no one can answer that question for you.

You mentioned the foods that you’re not eating, can you list exactly what you are eating?

I would prefer to see a list of exactly what you’re eating on a daily or even semi-daily basis before I try to answer any other questions.