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You are not the first which the medical community makes feel a little like they think we are nutzo. Take it in stride; it’s not worth the stress worrying about it: just shake your head and let it go. It’s very unfortunate western medicine is so behind the curve on Candida Related Complex but, since we can all see how prevalent it s world wide, I suspect it will gain more visibility within western medicine eventually.

There is wisdom behind it being impossible not completely avoid eating sugar/carbs completely- even a head of lettuce contains at least 3g’s of sugar. However, the body can go into ketosis if one completely avoids carbs. I guess it’s a tight rope we all got to figure out on our own but, the body does need some carbs – complex carbs over simple carbs, of course. There are carbs in the protocols strict diet, broccoli has carbs for instance.

SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) which your Dr was speaking of isn’t found through a colonoscopy. A bad bacteria overgrowth is test through what is hydrogen breath test (HBT). A simple process of drinking a sweet beverage and then blowing air into some balloons which are then sent to a lab which has way to of telling what’s going on due to the gasses released by intestinal bacteria which comes out through every breath. Check up on the web about it. They are typicaly two treatments for SIBO (I suppose it depends on where someone’s Gi issues are located). Mine is typically in the lower small intestine so they put me on a “starve it out” treatment of a strict elemental diet for two weeks which should kill off the bad bacterial over growth. The other treatment I’ve read about is treating SIBO with antibioitcs but, my doc never talked to me about that. Besides, by the point I got to that specialist other doc’s had tried so many antibiotics I suppose he felt the elemental diet was more appropriate in my case…dunno…