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My cat was in ICU for 4 days and lost brain function for two or three days. Her body wouldn’t regulate her temperature and every time they took her off the heating pad her body would get cold again. So – basically our cat saved our lives, but I’m with Raster. Mold ruined my life.

The smell of dirt is mold. Everyone told me that it was just dirt. The home test kit sample dishes are worthless. I only recommend the air quality tests that use a glass bottle to collect air and then a manual count. I had almost every type of mold that could be tested for, but in the basement – yet it came up through the HVAC and floors. Everything I owned was constantly covered in brown dust.

One doctor told me that leaving the house for a week and feeling better was a diagnostic tool too if you can’t afford the air quality test.

Mold is NOTHING to mess around with. I wish you the best. For me, I would get so sick that when I ate I would feel like passing out. My stomach burned from EVERYTHING and I started vomitting everything – mostly dairy though – would get really low body temperatures (94!!!!), arm twitching that must have been a type of seizure. I missed an entire month of work while the doctors couldn’t find a thing wrong with me other than my obvious anxiety.

I was so desperate and scared I tried three different emergency rooms in three different towns and they all turned me away and said they couldn’t help. That I had a “long term” illness that the doctors in the clinics would have to discover. I think I had seen a total of 24 doctors when my cat went down. The next day I called for a test and I had my answer three days later……