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Tell me this isnt for real

Of course it isn’t for real.

One of the main goals of a Candida diet is to avoid feeding the Candida. One has to only glance at the diet to see that the author has no clue as to how to go about treating a Candida infestation.

Allow me to give you the only rule you need when it comes to researching the various and sometimes ridiculous treatments for a Candida albicans overgrowth. That is, avoid all websites which are selling a product that claims to cure the infestation.

These sites are usually written and managed by people who have never experienced the infestation as well as never having truly studied the nature of Candida albicans. In other words, they’re clueless, and all they wish to do is sell their product to you.

As far as the website you’re referring to, they’re marketing a “Candida Standard Kit” or a “Candida Family Kit” which they’re selling for $120 and $140. How could anyone possibly trust this website as a source of factual information?

Often the program of a website that is selling their products to you is not aimed at curing your infestation, but rather at continuing your treatment for as long as possible in hopes of you continuing to purchase their products.