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As always, I hate being the one to burst everyone’s bubble, but I have to do this occasionally or I may as well leave the forum.

Coconut cream is also called coconut manna and coconut butter. It’s literally the whole ‘meat’ of the coconut made into a condensed form. In other words, it’s no different from eating a coconut – other than the fact that it’s condensed.

Coconut oil on the other hand, is pure, 100% oil which has been extracted from the meat of the coconut. Coconut oil is of course more expensive, and for a very good reason. The coconut oil costs more to produce, and it’s the part of the coconut that contains the positive factors which make it so useful in a Candida protocol. In other words, when you use coconut cream instead of only the oil, you’re obtaining a limited amount of the oil. If you think about it, this makes sense because if the two contained the same nutrient value, the protocol would simply instruct you to eat a coconut instead of taking the oil.

Still, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy coconut cream as it still contains some coconut oil as well as nutritional values. But it’s not going to have near the impact that coconut oil will when it comes to fighting your infestation, and it’s not going to change the intestinal environment; unless you eat perhaps an entire container every day. Of course that amount is only an estimate.
Another big difference between the cream and the pure oil is the number of calories which are considered a necessity on a Candida diet; the oil provides 117 calories per tbsp. of oil and the cream contains 94 calories per tbsp.

Tasteless or order-free coconut oil is that way because of a process it’s put through which is called “expeller pressed.” Once it goes through this process it is no longer virgin coconut oil. We’ve talked about the difference between virgin and non-virgin coconut oil on the forum before and basically, the difference between the two is:

Virgin coconut oil is unprocessed oil and only the freshest coconuts are used. The process of extracting the oil does not include heat or chemicals. Non-virgin coconut oil and expeller pressed oils are also called ‘refined’ oil. The process of refining the oil normally includes bleaching and deodorizing. Unfortunately, as the oil is processed in this manner, it loses most of its value as a tool used for a Candida treatment. On the other hand, unrefined, virgin oil will retain basically all of the natural elements and therefore benefits of the oil of fresh coconut.

I’ve never heard of a tasteless or order-free, virgin coconut oil, so if Chris has managed to find this, perhaps he would share it with the forum so that the members would know what to look for.

Thanks and sorry.
The Forum’s Official Bubble Buster (Able)