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At the beginning of my treatment, I was reacting to it. Later I could handle it, and do use it from time-to-time now. I was also reacting to pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. Now, since seeds are common in all of these, it’s possible mold is to blame. All of these also have some antifungal properties and I was so sensitive at the beginning, couldn’t handle any coconut also.

What I am trying to say, test a small amount first and watch for reactions. It’s rather easy to make your own by toasting sesame seeds and process them in food processor or a blender (look up recipe online, there are plenty there). This way you know it’s fresh and probably have none or very little mold.

I mix it with roasted garlic, sea salt and some spices and make a spread or dip that’s pretty decent. You can add sauteed onions as well. At times I would pour tahini over my steak or other meat. Hummus cannot be made without it. But hummus is too starchy and I suggest only to eat it very sparingly later in the treatment.

Best of luck to you!