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Szuzn;45712 wrote: Thanks, Raster!

So far today, I’ve eaten some flax/chia/buckwheat/egg bread with avocado.. several small pieces throughout the day.

Also some thin slices of zucchini and two organic/hormone and antiobiotic free chicken wings that I cooked myself in coconut oil.

That’s about it… other than charcoal, ACV, bentonite clay, probiotics, my regular meds and lots of water.

The nausea is a killer, but at least I don’t have the awful migraine like headache with it this time.

All suggestions are welcomed!


Susan, I would just suggest to press on, we all have setbacks, bad days, etc,. But, continue doing what you are doing. Heck, pat yourself on the back and SEE the positive changes, personal, and your health.