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timmyb wrote: Have you heard of any really good natural paths docs in Southern California or know or have any ideas? I know my medical insurance wont cover it so if I am going to go blow a few hundred I want to make sure it is really worth it.

I don’t even know of any naturopathic doctors in my own area, Timmy, as I’ve never checked any out at all.

Quote: I was going to order the E, A and D3 that you mentioned but one of them had soy bean oil in it and was thinking that might not be good for candida.

Reply: You shouldn’t have any type of soybean products, including the oil. Which one contained the soybean oil?

Quote: I will try to find a cream but my main goal is to cure it so I don’t have to put on this cream.

Reply: I understand you want to cure the problem, but meanwhile a good cream may be able to offer some relief.