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Hi guys-

Ms T- yes, I was told I needed to eat a lot of ‘drying and warming’ foods, which include things like rice congees, winter squash, nagaimo yams, lots of homemade broths, etc. (things like refined sugar are still a no no) There really isn’t a diet list like in the forum, but if you search for information on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and food you can find a lot. Best to work with a TCM practioner to align with your specific needs, though.

The most consistent thing I heard from multiple acupuncturists (3 of them – remarkably similar findings!) and my naturopath was the strict candida diet was not good for me to keep up (I was on it for about 3 months), as I was eating so much raw/cold foods. raw foods are hard on your digestion in general – not saying they’re bad at all – they are full of vitamins etc, but cooking things does start the digestion process for you, and makes it easier on your system, especially with already weakened digestion, which I certainly have.

Some people who have what TCM calls ‘heat’ and/or ‘dryness’ may benefit from a more raw/cold diet, but I am the opposite, and have what is apparently a bad case of ‘damp coldness with phlegm’. If you’re unfamiliar with TCM, these are just concepts they use to describe what is going on with your body (not meant literally – though I do feel really cold all the time!) Hope this helps.

Toni8- I got your PM and will respond to you there!

also – want to reiterate I am not poking holes in the candida forum diet/strict diet, but rather mentioning what I have been advised is the proper course of treatment for myself right now. I have generally felt better on this new path, but did have a few bad days earlier this week – assuming it is stress related around moving this week, but not sure.