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Hi Raster and Alex, Thank you both for your replies and for the info Raster.

Regarding the “liking me” portion… it really has little to do with people “liking me” per say. It is more of a cultural thing than anything. I was brought up that if someone takes the time to make you a meal or drink (within reason) that you eat it or drink it whether you like it or not. To simply say “no thank you” after they went out of their way for me it is considered rude. I do plan on standing my ground more this time around and just basically asking people not to worry about me eating while I am in their home. It may sound logical to just tell me to say no, but remember I am going to be staying in my MOTHER IN LAW’S home. It takes much more than just boldly saying no to your Mother in Law unless you want family angst to go along with the Candida. Hopefully I will have the will power to handle only having cold salads for a month.

As for having support. This is not an easy diet to be on by any stretch of the imagination, right? 🙂 Not having support from at least a couple family and friends is detrimental to anyone. I know for me it is largely why I am back to square one. Shoot, I am only 12 days in and my cravings for my favorite things are through the roof. Who know where those cravings will be by next month. 😛

Thankfully my will power is proving to be stronger than I ever knew it could be. My dear husbands idea of support is eating my favorite things right in front of me and just not offering me any. I just look at it as good training for what I will surely encounter in a month. 😉