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Able900 wrote:

Short story is I think I had been substantially overeating (2x the volume of what I used to, and not just veggies) and I developed mild gastritis.

This may be your answer. Also, what exactly were you eating during this period?

Sorry Able, I know this is going to make you cringe, but the following was a typical daily eating pattern from around early Nov through early Feb:

grilled chicken pieces (pan-fried in olive oil and spices)
green leafy veggie of some kind (turnip greens, spinach, komatsu, mizuna, mibuna, kikuna)

breakfast leftovers (basically I’d make a whole bunch and whatever was leftover from breakfast would get consumed here)

Ground chicken (pan-fried with light olive oil and spices)
green leafy veggie of some kind

3-4 eggs (pan-fried with light olive oil and spices)
kefir (starting in Jan, 2x/week)

fish/other seafood (pan-fried with heavy olive oil and spices)
(once a week, replace with beef/pork)
green leafy veggie of some kind

Fried turnip root/eggplant/green bell pepper
Nuts/seeds (stopped around Dec, but have started eating again)
Possibly more eggs

Besides eating around five meals a day (the snacks tended to resemble meals), they were all pretty substantial meals. I’d have a large salad of green leafy veggies (basically as much as I could stand eating; I’m not a fan of veggies) and a huge portion of chicken/fish/meat (twice the size I would have eaten before starting the diet). I’d also have a “normal” portion (about the amount I would have eaten in rice prior to starting the diet) of buckwheat/millet. Basically, I’d eat until the pain from having a full stomach was worse than the pain from being hungry. Because no matter how much I ate, I’d never, ever feel full, and I get dangerously irritable and unbalanced when hungry.

Until the end of December, I barely had enough energy just to get to and from school, club activities, and the grocery store. So I relied on massive amounts of protein for the energy. After that, my energy levels were better, but the weather got very cold (and I spend most of my time outside or in poorly heated/insulated buildings) so I relied on massive amounts of protein to stay warm (plus warm chicken is yummy, whereas warm salad is just gross). Whenever I’d get tired/stressed, I couldn’t rely on junk food and caffeine to get me through the situation, so that meant more chicken/meat… you get the picture.

Recently I’ve been trying to cut out the pork/beef altogether, but I have to be careful because for whatever reason, if I don’t eat it at least once a week, I experience sudden and inexplicable depressive episodes. Chicken I’ve been trying to replace with fish, but chicken makes for a much better lunch box item (no bones, not as messy, not as smelly, keeps better over time) and I eat most of my meals away from home.

Quite frankly, I’m amazed it took four months for my stomach to finally throw in the towel. But this eating habit is what made it possible for me to survive the diet without cheating (other than eating too much meat), and my eczema has been clearing up, so it was hard to break the pattern since progress was clearly being made.