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Thanks for responding and letting us know you’re OK.

We had something like this here last year in February. The snow was half our doors and windows. Had to dig our way out, literally! Nothing worked for about a week, and we worked from home the second week. I had horrible die-off during this episode and had to walk to the client on an important call. I couldn’t even find my car so I had to go on foot. Put my ski gear on and I don’t know how I got there and back. I remember falling into snow few times as I was so unsure on my feet. Luckily, the power was on mostly, had only few cut-offs. By the end of the week I had some brown rice as I ran out of food. And sure, grocery stores made sure they have tons of bread and starchy stuff, no veggies!

This year I am so much better and ready for tons of snow, but we didn’t have anything decent yet. Played in snow with girls only once since winter started :(.

Anyway, I am really glad you’re OK! Sorry about hubby’s equipment, things like that happen. Great news about more work though 🙂