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well this is very tricky situation where u have to be extremely careful ,but the best thing for u to do is get rid of your Candida before getting pregnant .its not good for the baby to release all the toxic chemicals that come along with killing Candida and go thru die off preggo and it could really harm the baby to do so .if u absolutely had to i would say do a moderate diet that is a bit less strict adding in sum low sugar fruits and only stick to food source antifungals like coconut oil and brussel sprouts. also what are your symptoms ?How long have u had them ? and what protocol are u following ?Are u taking antifungals ,probiotics ?did u ever take a long course of antibiotics ?antibiotics are the cause of most peoples candida including mine .

u should take a look at the protocol here it is a very good one to follow and u can find it by searching the protocol in forums .pregnancy is a very good condition for candida to thrive in and if u dont get rid of it 1st i can bet you will get worse and your baby will get it also .i had no idea i had candida untill after my daughter was born she now has thrush that will not go away and very frequent yeast infections .it really breaks my heart to see her in pain knowing its from my health issues ,and i now have to cure both of us ,its very hard .i also would like to get pregnant with my 2nd but i have to cure myself 1st .

since pregnancy itself contributes to candida we have to be very careful and follow a moderate diet while pregnant even when cured ,the best thing to do would stick to food source antifungals ,and take probiotics and kefir .prenatals are fine and i still take them myself .the forum protocol dose suggest to take separate vitamins as this way u know exactly the amount your getting from each vitamin but prenatals are a very good multi vitamin and its fine to take while following the protocol .