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Floggi;56501 wrote:
Shills operate in places where you might not expect them. In fact, they are even present on this forum!

One shill tactic was pointed out before: if someone posts something that the shill (or his employer, who pays him to shill) doesn’t like, the shill will start writing lots of postings. The purpose of this flood of postings is to quickly move the inconvenient text out of sight.

Typically, the shill will not address what was written in the inconvenent posting: that would only draw attention to the contents of that posting, which might make people think for themselves and discover the truth. But the shill doesn’t have much to say by himself. Yet he must “flood” the inconvenient posting into oblivion.

So what can the shill do? The only way to move the inconvenient posting to a place where people won’t notice it anymore, is by flooding the forum. The only way to flood the forum when the shill hasn’t anything new to say is… well… say the same thing over and over again!

The shill simply repeats the same message over and over again. Of course, he uses different wording, so that the superficial reader will think it’s new information. In reality though, it’s the same information, repeated over and over again, with the sole purpose of moving an inconvenient posting to a page that’s so buried within the thread that probably no forum reader will ever find it.

I have also read that shills delete posts from conversations that they don’t want future readers seeing.

Another known tactic of a shill is carefully crafted arguments. A shill will read through various forum topics, spending a lot of time creating a very well thought out argument. They often post their replies in batches back to back.

They make use of italics, underlining, and bolding of font to subliminally influence and focus a readers attention where they want it to be.

I’m just glad that we don’t have people like that on these forums!