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KangMiner;57292 wrote: So

Because of very bad die off, I had to stop the diet and the cleanse, which contained milk thistle amongst other things. Before this all started I never felt this bad, but now my heart it racing from barely moving. I didn’t have this until I started the diet and anti candida stuff. It’s been a few days and my heart is still racing, but I’m not on any of the anti candida stuff. Is this normal to feel the effect of die off even after you stopped taken the anti candida stuff.. Or is my heart just bad now, I had an ECG done and they weren’t too worried at the time, but it’s bad now 125bpm 🙁

When I got bad die off about a year ago the effects lasted for a whole week (it was my own fault I hadn’t started taking liver supplements because I didn’t think I’d get die off before I started anti-fungals). I didn’t get palpitations but I suffered from headaches and nausea and a painful rash over my body. I started taking milk thistle then and drinking a lot of water to get the toxins out of my system. I’m no expert but I think that once the die off process has started there’s no alternative but to ride it out until the toxins get flushed out the system