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Hey able,

Good to speak to you again. The last 4 weeks I’ve had major problems with home/family and hit rock bottom. Haven’t been on the diet or antifungals and hit the beer pretty hard drinking most nights. I felt fine for first 2-3 weeks with no symptoms returning apart from the pain mentioned above but now other symptoms are slowly coming back.

Me and my partner are back together now and in the next week or two (when I can afford all the supplements) I’ll be ready to start all over again even tho I’ve completely wasted all my hard work from before.

The plan is to use oregano oil and coconut oil 1 week then garlic and maybe golden seal on week 2 and keep rotating them. Probiotics will be threelac 3 x a day with 2 pints of home made kefir a day. And as you suggested grape seed bitters. Will also be armed with coconut flour bread this time around so will really really help fight my hunger off and keep weight on. But my main concern is getting rid of this horrible stomach/rib pain which I know is my own fault, we live and learn tho hey.

Thanks again Able