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tude58;50469 wrote: I’m not sure yet, I just realized this could be the problem yesterday. I know Splenda and all the rest cause bad muscle/joint pain. I’ll let you know. Hard to think when you can’t think…………

Splenda is synthetic, while stevia is all natural. Here is what Dr. Mercola thinks about stevia:

“Extract made from the leaves of the Stevia plant is undoubtedly the safest sweetener on the market. Unlike aspartame and other artificial sweeteners that have been cited for dangerous toxicities, regular Stevia is a safe, natural alternative that’s ideal if you’re watching your weight, or if you’re maintaining your health by avoiding sugar.

It is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and truly has virtually no calories — unlike the lies and deceptions with regular artificial sweeteners, which are loaded with other sugars to make them flow better.

Two of my favorite drinks are La Croix sparkling water, and Tulsi tea, flavored with some Stevia. But it can be used in appetizers, beverages, soups, salads, vegetables, desserts — virtually anything! It is, hands down, the best alternative to sugar you will ever get your hands on.”

This is an article about what Mercola thinks about Splenda:

Dangers of Splenda