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shermayzie wrote: I read that a form of Stevia is bad. Truvia. The ingredient besides stevia is the culprit. Stay clear. Google it for more information. Or add Nancy Deville on facebook for the article I am referencing. A short summary, their are side effects. So stick with a pure form of Stevia.

I have used Stevia, a pure form mixed with Inulin. (no more ingredients) I will tell you, it will be out of my diet. It is a controversial sweetener because there are independent researchers who have found candida can feed on it. Web pages about candida (most of them based in myths and business ) advice Stevia and they really don’t know if it is safe or not during an anticandida treatment. Remember, most things about this syndrome are repeated stories and myths anybody write in the web. Is there scientific background about all this ??