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jennyska wrote: Another question in my mind : My stevia contains : Organic Stevia (leaf), silica and rice maltodextrin. Is this ok? I hope so please tell me it is

Hello, Jenny.

Maltodextrin is produced from starch and used commercially for it’s sweet taste; it actually has a higher glycemic index than regular sugar does. I don’t know for a fact, but I imagine there’s an excellent chance that it could feed the Candida in your system. The problem is that you may not know whether this is happening or not until days or weeks down the road.
You have to really be careful with different Stevia brands as many of the companies mix their Stevia with different products in order to disguise the taste of the Stevia. A few of the brands even mix it with pure Dextrose.

You can find a few brands that do not contain these additives, for example, the “NOW” brand makes a Stevia sweetener which contains inulin (FOS) which is a prebiotic, meaning it can feed the beneficial bacteria in the system instead of the Candida.

Jenny, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this to you or not, but you need to check the salt that you use every day. A lot of brands contain different additives including Dextrose for some reason. It’s healthier to use a good sea salt such as Himalayan pure sea salt which still had the minerals intact. Also check your toothpaste for sugar alcohols; most of these can feed Candida just the same as regular sugar does.