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I think in addition to anti-oxidants, fruits also provide fiber, vitamins and most importantly boost your immune system. Most fruits are also anti-inflammatory. In most cases, I think the best is to choose fruits that are not too sweet and provide bang for the buck in terms of ORAC value.

Interesting that you should mention fruit acid because it’s been shown that high levels of Vitamin C is mildy acidic and anti-fungal. Also, I have noticed that taking digestive enzymes or plant fruit enzymes in conjunction with anti-fungal seem to result in stronger die-offs.

I recently went to a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for advice. He said that the TCM approach is that if your immune system is properly functioning, candida and other parasites will not be able to thrive. However, the TCM approach doesn’t seem to recognize and treat candida as a lone condition. He expressed a concern about my weight loss problem, about 10kg or 22pounds and asked that I go for a biopsy and colonoscopy to check for cancer and also IBD as tumours tend to increase metabolic rate and cancer cells can cause atrophy of muscle mass. I might have to get this done as soon as possible. Anyone here who has undiagnosed candida symptoms that might appear like cancer symptoms? Cancer and candida seem to be like best mates, especially when one’s immune system is not strong.

While there are many approaches to diet, and some people being able to tolerate more of certain foods than others, I think the unifying theme is that combating candida and preventing flare-ups requires that one have a strong immune system. How one gets there doesn’t have to be cast in stone.