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Holy i lost 9.5lbs over night after i ate that fruit.. its got to be all toxic waste my body got rid of because there was alot of it. I did not lose any muscle tone at all. Dark circles are hardly there at all even though i didnt sleep too well last night, since i didnt smoke up early enough in the night to burn out in time.

This morning for breakfast i had some more strawberries, an apple and a bunch of blueberries… mouth is continuing to be very clear. I waited until i was sure i was hungry, then for lunch i ate some sea salt rice chips (sugar free healthy ones), a handful of almonds, and a piece of raw celery.

Im noticing that im getting some decent die off from the fruit cleansing ive been doing. I havent even been having any kind of antifungals the last 2 days… who woulda thought fruit by itself would work so well… you would think the sugar in the fruit would feed the candida, but it overpowers this effect by fixing the root cause.

The trick is to make sure you eat it on an empty stomach, fruit digests much quicker than any other food you eat, and it needs to be able to go through fast or it will only ferment. The acids break down toxic waste and shoots it out of your body. Make sure you eat the fruit in small bites, since saliva is needed to break down the food, and chew well. Whatever you do, dont cut the fruit… eat it whole. Cutting it instantly destroys most of the vitamin C.

The problem with starving off the candida with just veggies is that it cant break down the toxins properly. So in the end no matter how long you cleanse there is still toxins left over. You need to break them down with fruit acid and keep doing so, im going to see if i can finish beating this without antifungals or probiotics, it probably will save me alot of money.