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The fruit fast is continuing to work awesome for me.. no more candida, i am now able to drink coffee and eat potatoes and even a bit of sugar with no reactions at all. As soon as i stop the morning fruit routine the candida slowly starts to come back a little bit.. fruit is the only thing that works for me, but i wasnt able to eat fruit until i was 90% better though so keep that in mind. I usually need to take melotonin every night but i have been sleeping well without it.

As for adrenal exaustion, i can testify that it is total bullshit… adrenal exaustion does not exist, do not believe their lies. If this truly was an illness, wouldnt there be scientific proof of it? Well there isnt any… all there is, is this theory that some idiot came up with that your body has an adrenaline imbalance or whatever.

I paid $300 a month for 6 months for licorice root, siberian ginseng, vitamins, minerals, adrenal support.. food allergy testing, the whole 9 yards. After 6 months i didnt notice any improvement at all in the so-called adrenal exaustion, so i did some research… i have found that many people doing the same treatment as me for up to 8 years had also noticed no improvements in symptoms either…. coincidence? i think not. The way that i was tested was with a saliva test… it indicated that i had stage 3, the worst level of adrenal exaustion.

My treatment also included going to bed at 10, getting as much sleep as possible, to avoid caffiene, to avoid foods that im allergic to, and to avoid anxiety at all costs.

So anyway my candida is better now… i stopped taking all the vitamins and everything, and started drinking coffee again, started eating foods im allergic to once in a while too without any bad results. My energy couldnt be better, im sleeping very well, and i wake up full of energy… the only thing that was really holding me back was candida… i used to wake up so tired and i couldnt never really wake up. Still use marijuana for sleep but ive always needed it… one more thing that shows that adrenal exaustion is bull is that smoking weed is supposed to make it worse, but it doesnt matter how much i smoke it doesnt effect my energy the next day.