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I don’t think those are majorly bad cheat items and you don’t have to start over…if all you get is a reaction and maybe a loose bowel, that is not the end of the world and you can get over it with a few days (or hours). Dont feel like it made the candida “bloom” like it went for 50% to a 100% in one feeding! Its not like you drank alcohol or anything…

If you are taking other antifungals you don’t need to take SF722. However, after you use those antifungals for 6-8 weeks, I would then rotate on to either another antifungal or to SF722. Candida cannot adapt to SF722 very well, so its a very effective long term antifungal you can use (by itself) when you are ready to have just one antifungal. It prevents candida from (re)attaching to your mucousal membranes which is the only antifungal I know that does this. Its a great one for later in your treatment. It is expensive but if you buy online, it’ll save you some dough.

Here’s the vitamins post:

and here is the antifungal post:

For probiotics; ideally you’d want to start out at 20-50 billion a day or so (if you get a high count one). Eventually you should increase to 3 capsules per day of whatever strength you are taking (for financial reasons, the more you use the more it’ll dissappear). I personally have only been taking 37 billion per day for the majority of my treatment (its a high quality one that I’ve been recommending over and over). When I take megaflora, I take 60 billion per day.

I don’t know if I’d take symbioflor; i’d consult able about this one. It has glucose as an ingredient…it’ll help your bowel movements because it contains magnesium chloride.