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Katy Gillett
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I’ve been thinking and I have another few questions on top of my previous post. Sorry!

When I first started the diet (just over 2 months ago) I ate a few foods that I probably wouldn’t include were I to start the diet again (brown rice and Greek yoghurt mainly). My question is, now that I’m this far in does it matter if I still include these (I have the brown rice max once a week, but the Greek yoghurt a few times a day) or should I try cutting these out for a while? I know I probably seem a bit stuck on the whole food aspect but I just haven’t seen much of an improvement since I started and everyone else seems to see a difference in the first week or so!

You did say it was the probiotic that was probably holding me up – should I continue to think along these lines? I keep coming across posts by you to ‘newbies’ outlining which foods to omit for the first couple of weeks, and I didn’t follow such strict guidelines in the beginning so I do question it.

Any encouragement would be appreciated at this stage 🙂