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Hi Able,
Since you mentioned Coconut oil was so important to the process, and that I will need to eat that much of it, I went to the store and bought a jar (I thought it would be much more hard to find than it actually was).

I ate 3 teaspoons of it today at lunch time, and it made quite a mess out of my stomach. I read somewhere that coconut oil can have a side effect of diarrhea, and with my touchy stomach, it had that effect over me. Should I go on and keep using it regardless?

As to the die off symptoms, today before I took the coconut oil the dizziness returned, and after I took it I felt quite Nauseated. I also thought of something I wasn’t sure could be regarded as a die-off symptom: my feet are acting up with athletes feet like they haven’t in years. could that be part of it?