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I can tell you what I’m eating, maybe you’ll get a few ideas from that.


avokado-kefir smoothie
scrambled eggs with onions
cooked oat bran with cinnamon
green salad with boiled eggs
buckwheat crackers (homemade, you have the recipe on the forum)
coconut bread – I like mine toasted and topped with coconut oil
any leftover veggies from the previous day

Any combination of veggies with cooked buckwheat and 2 times a week meat/fish
–> some ideas:
fried salmon with steamed Swiss chard
mashed cauliflower with chicken breasts
buckwheat “risotto” with cabbage and leek
zucchini, eggplant and leek baked in the oven with coconut or buckwheat pancakes/bread
green salad with fennel, raw zucchini, peppers and boiled eggs topped with olive/sesame oil and spices

Bone broth
Broccoli soup
Leftovers from lunch
Scrambled eggs with veggies

Buckwheat crackers
Coconut bread
You can cut veggies and carry them in a plastic bag with you
You can put kefir in a thermos bottle
–> always have some food in your bag wherever you go (I have a big hand bag so I can carry a lot of stuff with me ;))to make sure that if you get hungry you’ll eat allowed foods and not be in a temptation to buy something wrong

Btw yoghurt isn’t allowed, only home-made kefir. Sweeter veggies are also not on the allowed list 😉