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runnergirl wrote: I’m frustrated because I read the book “Wheat Belly” and read all these stories of people who stopped eating wheat/gluten and their lives were changed. I’ve been wheat/gluten/yeast free for 4 months and I don’t feel any different. My tongue gets tingling and I feel like I have something in my throat if I eat something that had these things and I wasn’t aware. I’ve had these symptoms for years, no one could figure it out. I trained for a marathon July-November and drank Gatorade and ate high sugar foods on the run, not aware that I was feeding the yeast. I figured that if I stopped eating yeast, that was all I needed to do. I’m glad I found this website. I believe I do have wheat and gluten allergies but it’s due to the underlying yeast overgrowth.

You’ll never cure a Candida overgrowth by simply avoiding wheat and glutton. Have you read the protocol and diet?