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Hello, Col, welcome to the forum.

A good product to keep on hand throughout the treatment for this problem is Dr Miller’s Holy Tea (Thanks, Joy)

Also, you may find this post helpful. .

Kel is correct about vitamin C working for this problem, but you will probably have to mega-dose on it before it will work. This is a water soluble vitamin so mega-dosing on vitamin C isn’t dangerous unless you simply don’t stop it at some point. You should start the protocol early in the morning, and start out with 1000 mg every 45 minutes and keep that up until the diarrhea starts. If it hasn’t started in 4 hours, move up to 1500 mg every hour. You can purchase vitamin C in 500 mg tablets which will work perfectly for this use.

When you talk about the ‘colon cleanse’ I don’t know if you’re talking about the cleanse on the website’s main page or the one on the forum as they are quite different. Which did you use? Just tell me the ingredients if you want to.