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Hi. Thank you both for your responses. I can give you a calmer response today 🙂 I did freak out the other day, but I think it was understandable. I want to ask whether anyone knows if taking anti-fungals for 1 month or more is unhealthy or if it is fine? Can it have effects on the body for taking them for too long?
In regards to my earlier post, I think that what I would appreciate from this website is if it could have made clear that for example the duration of each stage can vary from 3 weeks to months, etc. I think what was my experience is that I started this diet feeling positive and confident based on the structure that this website gives and suddenly I was thrown into a pool on my own. That’s when I felt trapped, cause I gave my best shot to commit to it and then there is this realisation that perhaps I need not to have again sweets or bread etc. If this is the case, then why stage 3 exists? Why reintroducing back foods when they will feed the candida anyway even after completing this diet? Some acknowledge about all these, would be much appreciated. I have been too obsessed with my reoccurring thrush, but now I feel even more obsessed and it does not make me any good. I am a student and it is hard for me to devote so much energy in cooking and searching and experimenting as you suggest. I know that it sounds as if I was looking for an easy solution, but I am not. I can pull this diet through, however it wasn’t in my awareness that in reality this diet can be so different from what the administrators in the website recommend and that is what freaked me out.

Hope it makes sense.
Thank you