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flailingWcandi wrote:

People on crazy candida diets

Great. Now you are calling us crazy. 😐

I’m Crazy, My Dr Said so…

I honestly believe your approach to the minutia around the exacting specifications of the testosterone replacement any your other health concerns makes a psychological mental health issue more likely.
It seems to fit the criteria for an obsessive compulsive disorder. Of course, I understand you just want to feel better, though would hope you would not continue to focus continued energy around the testosterone.
Regarding the possible psychological diagnoses, it would be back to psychiatry.

So I found another health and wellness person that has run some out of Pocket tests and has found some significant GI issues. Candida is not something I think most Dr’s recognize as a ‘real’ issue. Kind os sad.

I’ve been on the Candida Diet and drinking a ton of Kefir and other probiotics for a few months now. Had some labs done and when My Dr ask what I I’ve been doing to get my labs soooo much improved… I really fell like telling him to take a long walk off a short pier…