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I see your still in the anti-kefir crusade. Your little stint with store bought kefir was not good enough. lol.

I never looked at kefir as a big anti-fungal. I have not been on the site in awhile but im not sure anyone has.

Kefir is a great probiotic. You may disagree with probiotics being useful while on a Candida diet but I dont. Finding kefir was something I will always be greatful for. I had reactions to it for awhile but now I feel wonderful and I do not use probiotics from pills. I just drink home made kefir and eat foods with live cultures.

I never had to have an enema either. No point in going straight to my butthole for a cure when a reasonable cure is listed right here under the candida diet.

I have come a long ways. My sypmptons of candida is all but gone. Now I just focus on my SD and psoriasis of which there is no real cure. I started introducing more anti-inflamitory foods that I couldnt eat before.. I was already eating blueberries, now I have added shiitake mushrooms, Green Tea, sweet potatoes and I have no reactions. I just keep improving.

Milk kefir is not for everyone. But coconut or water kefir is much more easier to handle. I reccomend it to everyone. It has improved my life. The store bought stuff may help you a little, may be the easier way to get it but It is nothing compared to the real deal.

Good luck folks