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Shayfo – Lol I guess I don’t need to talk to able, no worries. I stir fry something with my eggs much of the time, eat at least an avacado or two a day (most days i’ll eat two throughout the day), I’ve started eating coconut oil (though not frequently) and usually use a bunch of olive oil on my salads. I’ve also started eating oat bran a couple days ago.

So I’m getting calories all over the place, but I really can’t emphasize how fast my metabolism is and how hard it is for me to keep from gaining weight. Like i said, BEFORE i started this it was a full time job to not lose weight, now I simply can’t keep it from falling.

Raster – I wasn’t sure about teff, I seemed a little bit under question from what little I’ve seen on the forums about it and thought that it should be in stage two. I’ve just started the diet and don’t want to risk anything in this.

Basically i eat as much of the strict diet that i can fit into my day as intelligently and with variety as possible.

Example of day mealplan:

Starter breakfast – Oat bran with cinnamon and stevia.

Breakfast – Eggs mixed with stir fried onions/garlic. Often i blend kale or spinach with hemp and mix into eggs to make it thicker

Brunch – asparagus, celery, and an avacado with salt

Lunch – salad with spinach, kale, onion, radish, brocolli, crushed hard boiled eggs

Snack – smoothie of spinach, hemp, chia seeds, spirulina, cucumber/zucchini, maybe coconut oil.

Snack – lemon/salt covered avacado.

Dinner – Stir fry with olive oil, eggs, green beans, zucchini, kale, onions, garlic, spices.

This will vary with more or less foods but i try to eat this general amount.

If you believe teff can help, I need every food at my disposal and to eat it properly. I’ve practically dedicated my time and life for the moment to figuring this out and settling this diet into my lifestyle because my food intolerances and other things really brought me downhill.