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Yes, it is very hard. whenever I have a get together with my partner’s family anymore, I bring my own food, and I think everybody is understanding. However, it does get hard sometimes because I have to plan. I feel I just can’t pick up and go someplace. Also, some nights it gets lonely because I might be tired, and my partner will go next door to his grandparents if they fix something good. I just stay at home eating my food and watch tv.

I haven’t treated myself if quite awhile now staying to diet. Last night different story though. It was my partner’s birthday, and his mom wanted to take us out to eat. I decided to try and be brave to see if I can try the best I can staying to diet. I didn’t feel too bad afterwards, but I was mad at the extra ingredient they put in my meal. I just ordered an appetizer. I asked if the spring rolls were gluten free, and they said yes. It was a spring rolls with bean sprouts, cucumbers, veggies insides. I ate about 1/4-1/3rd of it. I am leaving the rest of the leftovers for my partner to eat. The only thing that they didn’t tell me is about the sauce they put on there. It was sweet, and I can just tell it was feeding the candida! It is weird, it sort of felt like a high with the sugar. Like I said, I didn’t feel really bad afterwards; I’ll just have to monitor how I feel today.

Once you get used to things though, I think you will prefer just to eat this way; I do. I just feel better doing it; still got lots of digestion issues to work out, but I feel it is way better than it used to, and if something happens, then I can bounce back faster with probiotics and anti-fungals. Plus, working with this nd has been helping, but yes, at the beginning, you have to watch it!

Hang in there, and just try to do the best you can!!! I am already worried about this weekend because I feel if I mess up on food (I eat small portions because of my gastroparesis anyways) then I can just bounce right back into diet.

However, like alex said, alcohol can be a trigger for me. This is the hardest thing!!!!!! This weekend I am trying to plan a late suprise for my partner’s b-day (his 30th), so I felt I like didn’t do that much yesterday, but he loves to drink. I planned something with his friends at our local wineries here. I am a light weight. I have gotten better, and think about, ok, how bad are you going to feel the next day, yucky! I don’t even remember the last time I had a drink. I just feel it’s not worth it. Sorry, for the rant, I go to a lot of social events that involve alcohol, but I think people do start to understand that you just don’t want to. I hope one day that I can really splurge on alcohol one night, plus my b-day is coming up! Just listen to your body, and hang in there!