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fixme, wow! I’m very impressed that you are in college age and sticking to the diet. I’m 37 now, the very first time I tried the diet I was 23 and I couldn’t stick with it for long (I also didn’t know then how seriously sick I was). I attributed it to my age at the time. I think it’s harder for 20 somethings to really feel the full implications of an unhealthy lifestyle on their future.

When I was 22 I thought I had done the diet for a week, but that was also the week I discovered Malted Latte’s at my local coffeeshop (never mind that I wasn’t even supposed to have coffee)

I’m so impressed! Way to go!

As for the rash.
I read a thread about how Head & Shoulders helps Candida rashes. I don’t have Head & Shoulders, but I did have some Aveda antidandruff shampoo. I have had an annoying itchy rash all over my stomach since starting the diet. I put the shampoo on one side of my stomach and left the other side alone, as an experiment. It works! The shampoo slowed itching noticeably, but the rash is still there, after one application.