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Yes ok able but here in that smal city they don´t have coconut oil. How can I make more calories eating only 1 chicken breast,salads and eggs? I mean I eat already 4 eggs per day. I will take some olive oil but this is hard that diet.

All of the recommended flours, coconut oil, and spices can be ordered online. Amazon is a good one to order from, just price check because sometimes they are too expensive. Im sure even in a small town lots of the recommended vegetables are sold in a local grocery store. Maybe not organic, but better than nothing. Neighbors are good sources to get fresh organic vegetables from in a small town. Also 800 calories is far too a low caloric intake. Im not sure of your height, weight, daily activity, etc., but most people should be try to get at least 1500 calories per day. 8 oz chicken breast is around 250. 4 eggs are about 340. Thats almost 700 calories before salad, vegetables, or bread. If need be, up your egg intake to 6-8 to maintain weight.