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mark2;50383 wrote: Smitty 99 Thank u,I dont have trust ,i have burning in the urethrea and stinging ,hotness sensation ,all i know for a hendred percent it statred with antibiotics and black mold in my house.I am getting borox this weekend and started what u recomended.I am currently taking fluconazole and nystatin in like after 1 month ,i notice i had a massive die off ,heavy burning etc.days now it ease alittle bit.thank u


I had trouble urinating too after my black mold exposure. It is a common issue of mold poisoning. I immediately went to the hospital (this was back in April) and they said it was a bacterial bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics. That was script 1 of about 6 or 7 I’ve had since the end of winter early Spring.

I now know after many months of research that it was black mold that gave me that symptom more than likely. Also candida can give you issues urinating cause it can infect your urinary tract as well.

My mold exposure was quite severe. I had the worst anxiety you can ever imagine. It was so bad my adrenaline was pumping 80 percent of the day cause I was so scared of everything. I didn’t know what the hell was going on with me. This was while I was still sleeping on the moldy mattress. Heart palpilations, acid reflux, I could go on and on. A lot of those symptoms got better after I got rid of the mattress.

But everything I’m fighting is from the candida. I’m taking the same treatment plan as you it sounds like. I am also doing the nystatin and diflucan right now. My only concern is if the sinus infection I have is black mold related and not candida, the diflucan won’t do anything for me. Diflucan won’t kill stachybotrys or aspergillus but I am going to give it a good solid 3-4 weeks before I make that determination. I’ve read itraconazole could be an option if that was the case. But I’m not a fan of Rx drugs as it is so I”m going to give the diflucan a chance as it’s one of the easier drugs on the body for antifungals.

Did you doctor give you a urine test to rule out other possibilities? I had the full meal deal done when I went in, they gave me a urine test to test for UTI and possible STD’s which made no sense to me but they offered so what the hell. I went back in after finishing my antibiotics and they call came back negative. Which told me it was a fungal/candida issue. I also had super dark urine as well which is a sign the black mold is putting a beating on your kidneys. That problem as well as the trouble urinating went away.

But I do have thrush from the candida though which is a pain in the ass.

The diet is incredibly hard. I wish I could give you some tips that would make it easier. I was strict for about 2 or 3 months after the mold exposure and I did improve quite a bit but I haven’t been as strict as I should be in the last month or two but I’m going to be getting that back into shape.

I also lost a ton of weight but that really wasn’t a bad thing for me. You cut out sugar and carbs and you are going to lose weight. No way around it.

My plan now is to do a hybrid juicing plan and just a responsible low sugar low carb dinner. My juicing is 90 percent veggie greens and 10 percent fruit like a little strawberry or blueberry which has a low sugar amount. So I do like 3-4 big cups of juice a day with my nutribullet and a responsible dinner.

I find it easier because then I’m not worrying about 3-4 meals a day. I’m only worrying about 1. Some may not want to do that but it’s just less planning and more convenient for me.

Be careful with the diet too. If you have no energy, that is a sign your calorie intake is too low. Try incorporating rutabaga’s into your diet. YOu can cut em up and make french fries with them. Look up some recipes. Very filling and are highly antifungal.