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why it takes so long to get over this? or why some people suffer for years with this? This is just a hunch but something I at least need to consider: It seems to me that there is some greater imbalance or life style factor always at the root of getting Candida. Sure taking antibiotics will destroy the natural flora in the gut, but I still believe that there were other factors contributing to the weakening of the immune system that made the overgrowth possible. For me it was the accumulative stress from finishing my masters, having jaw infection and being on antibiotics, having a part time job I hated, running a project that was draining me, being constantly on the run and skipping meals etc.

And that is probably why some people aren’t getting better no matter what. Because there is something that they haven’t changed about their life, or their stress responses, or their ways of relating to themselves. There is an imbalance that makes the perfect environment for illnesses and things like candida overgrowth to thrive in.
I can keep taking all these supplements, antifungals etc. but if I dont change my life so that it is less stressful and more balanced, it’s like just putting a band aid on that offers a temporary relief. Even if I do get better but then go straight back into my dysfucntional habits and life style, it will only keep coming back.

As much as it sucks to have this, I have realised that this is a life lesson for me to learn to take better care of myself.