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yes it works really good,

I won’t lie…it’s not easy but if you have Candida it’s necessary, after the first couple days you start to adjust. You wont be in your comfort zone but then again if your considering the diet you are already uncomfortable with what’s going on in your gut.
Just remember and tell yourself your on the road to getting better and you will start to feel a lot better in a few days.But make sure you take a NAC supplement and molybdenum and selenium. because the die off will make you feel like your not getting anywhere.
Try not to make the detox drink to strong like I did and have your heart beating out of control. I’m 40 days in and and lost 10 pounds of belly fat in 2 weeks and my stomach is so flat just like it should be.I haven’t had gas or bloating issues as long as I stay close to the diet.
I cheat here and there but I can tell the diet really works if you stay on it.
Lisa’s advice is solid and cuts right to the chase.
Good Luck