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mariegirl wrote: I’m no expert. But, for the first time, I made kefir. It takes all of maybe 5 minutes to drain and start a fresh batch. I do it in the morning because that’s my best time. The nice thing with making kefir is that you choose the time of day that you start it and change it the same time everyday. I was a little intimidate too, but you’ll see it’s one of the easiest things to do. My problem is that I’m having problems consuming it all. I put a batch of grains in the freezer only to read later that I did it wrong. I don’t know whether they’re spoiled or not, I haven’t checked.

Take a try! If it’s too much for you, than at least you tried.


ps. Another vain. I’m not nearly as busy as you, so I do have time. Raising 4 kids, I can somewhat understand. Hope you get your answer soon.

Hi mariegirl,

How did you freeze your grains? If you just froze them without the milk, if you have a fast freezer they might be fine still. They are tougher than we think, even though I had them go bad for no reason (twice in my life so not that much of a chance of that happening, but still this is the reason I always save a batch for backup), and I know that metal can hurt it.

Hope they are still fine. Best would be to pull them out and try. If they are good, just put them back, or freeze a fresh batch.