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Able 900 ,thanku very much,all my probiatics gone in vain today,now here is my story today last months the did a cystocope and i saw too a lump in my bladder ,i was force to take a shot of antibiatics cause of the cancer thing ,yesterday i start a combination of antifungals ,should i continue it or not ,this uro thinks i have have cpps and not candida,i want to meet jorge cause he went through it,i will pay any money to for help,my pain moves one time my tip of my penis tingles,then it will stop tingle,and move to the back of my penis then the penis or pain will entirely stop and return again,then my between my anus and testacle will pain ,see i dont know wat i have all test and culture r negative,i dont know anything about candida,god will bless u for your advise,how will i know if i have candida ,see these drugs r strong for the liver ,any advise as to what to eat on a candida diet.all i know is the opening of my ureathea has a little hole form the infection that i had five months ago and its very red,i am i pain 24 /7.All i know it start when i have cystitis and the cystispart clear but pain and burning and tingling never stops.,George or anybody here who had axperience on this thing ,should i continue to take the antifungal difucan 200 and lamasil 250mg.thank u and god bless u all.thank god they did not find ant tumour in my bladder today,its a living hell for me.?